Richmond NLP Group
Upcoming Dates and Sessions for 2019

22nd January ‘mBraining: How to Make Even Better Decisions and Enhance your Intuition' - Dara Caryotis

12th February 'The Secret Life of Words: Detecting the metaprograms in people’s stories to guide the coach, facilitator or individual with Conversational Change' - Lynne Cooper

12th March 'Calm your mind, heal your body and find your power to create a rich life' - Dr. Magdalena Bak-Maier

16th April 'Projective Coaching Techniques' - Peter Freeth

14th May 'N L Play' - Joanna Harper

18th June  'Check out your Inner Con-Artist's Bag of Tricks' - Wendy Sullivan

16th July Developing Resilience in Yourself and Others -  with Muriel McClymont

August - no meeting it's holiday time!

10th September 'The Principles Behind Transformational Change' - Jamie Smart

22nd October Walk your own PATH to the next level  Adrian Hales 

19th November Are you Safe on the Road? Working with Trauma doesn't have to be scary - Helen Oakwater

December - no meeting, watch the website for 2020 dates