Richmond NLP Group

Here’s the details for the next session:

Walk your own PATH to the next level

with Adrian Hales, 22nd October 2019

Adrian specialises in coaching, high achievers. Individuals who are unhappy, and reconnects them with their purpose, motivation and confidence so they find the courage to walk their own path and get to the next level…whatever that might be for them…..

The session will be a full of practical knowledge and exercises and has been created utilising mBIT, NLP, Transformational Learning, Metaphors and Military Mindset. 

Here’s what Adrian will be covering:

PATH Methodology - 3 core pillars  

  1. Purpose 

  2. Adaptability 

  3. Transform and Heroic Leading 

What outcomes will you achieve from the session? 

  1. Understand you deepest purpose, using 4 magical questions 

  2. Create alignment with your values across 3 important areas in either life or business 

  3. Create new insights for yourself, by using perceptual positions, in a different way  

  4. Walk away with a simple action plan to create momentum in your life or business 

Let's see what transformational insights and learnings emerge! 

  • You will be working in pairs throughout so please bring notepads and pens 

What’s Adrian’s experience? 

  • mBIT Trainer and Master Coach 

  • NLP Master Practitioner (SNLP and ABNLP) 

  • Speaker and Poet 

I look forward to creating a space for exploration and discovery during this workshop. Come along and be curious and open to learning and supporting each other. Who knows what you’ll discover about your path….?