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Here’s the details for the next session:

And here I am again, now promoting the next, and last session for the year - there’s no meeting in December! 

No preamble, Helen’s words. Here goes:

Are you safe on the road? 

Learn how understanding ‘trauma’ can enhance your skill set, coaching practice and everyday wellbeing.

 with Helen Oakwater

Tuesday 19 November 

HEALTH WARNING: There will be much laughter, playfulness, exercises and interaction. 

No dark, heavy stuff. The purpose is to educate, up-skill and signpost. You come to Richmond NLP group to be stimulated, acquire skills and have fun.

Helen will deepen your knowledge and demonstrate how many trauma principles and skills map across to “normal” coaching” and everyday life.

“Trauma” is a big concept; often misunderstood, and poorly defined so we will explore: 

  • different types of trauma 
  • how ‘trauma’ is created for adults and children
  • several models and strategies you can use 24/7 
  • Psychological Rules of War as defined by Frank Pucelik (co-creator of NLP, Vietnam Veteran, who has counselled thousands of combat veterans from 8 conflicts).
  • elegant linguistic strategies to avoid retriggering or disturbing any client
  • Helens unique use of sub-modalities 
  • your scope of practice
  • what processes work for trauma (or not) and why


Helen Oakwaters website

Helens YouTube interviews (approx 14 minutes each) with Robert Dilts on Logical Levels (12K+ views) and how they are disrupted by trauma.

Books on Amazon so you can have a quick preview

Who is this speaker?

Helen Oakwater is an international Coach, Trainer and Author with a bucketful of qualifications in NLP, ENLP, mBIT, IEMT and beyond. 

Her books “Bubble Wrapped Children” and “Want to Adopt” received much acclaim. Available on amazon, so do take a peek.

Trauma entered her life in the early 1990’s on 6 little legs when she adopted a sibling group. Since then she has been on a mission to heal trauma. Once introduced to NLP in 2002, instead of conventional holidays she travelled the world learning directly from the best including Robert Dilts, Frank Pucelik and the much missed Grant Soosalu. None of them were in the Amazon or Antarctica, but she went there anyway. 

In October 2019 Helen spent a week in Odessa with her mentor Frank Pucelik, filming copious interviews to document his unique perspectives on PTSD, combat veterans and healing trauma.    

...... and yes she has been attending Richmond NLP for two decades. Tall, blond smily woman :-)

Usual Applies:

If you're attending: Please ping me an email to give me an idea of numbers for any speaker handouts and refreshments. Thank you.

Timings: Speaker 7-9 pm. Doors open for light refreshments and informal networking from 6.30pm

Venue: Vestry Hall, Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SA

Sessions: Open to all, unless advertised. Please feel free to pass information about sessions (2 hours CPD) and workshops. The group grows through your introductions and referrals which I appreciate

Contribution: £15 - pay on the door

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