Richmond NLP Group

Developing Resilience in Yourself and Others

with Muriel McClymont, Tuesday 16th July 2019

They say that when the going gets tough, the tough get going, but how do they keep going? What are the secrets to staying resilient? 

Many high-profile people have demonstrated amazing resilience in their lives; Nelson Mandela, Milton Erickson, Niki Lauda, Oprah Winfrey, Andy Murray and I am sure we can all think of many more examples, as well as people we know amongst our friends, family and colleagues. 

All of us face challenges in our lives ranging from minor to devastating. Being resilient is not about being impervious to setbacks, rather it’s having an inbuilt pathfinder or compass that keeps bringing us back to a place of balance and resourcefulness. Staying resilient is being able to recover our own equilibrium when an event or circumstances has knocked us off course.

In this interactive session we will share a model of resilience, which you can use as a diagnostic tool. If you find yourself or a client struggling to be resilient in a situation, what element might you or they need to strengthen or clarify? 

Using NLP self-modelling approaches we will explore and discover your personal strategies of resilience (we all have some), consider strategies other people have that we might want to borrow, and then try these out in areas where you would like to be more resilient.

What you will get from this session:

  • A model of resilience that you can use for yourself or with your clients
  • Reconnecting to your own resilience
  • Unpicking your resilience strategies
  • Transferring those strategies to where you are not currently using them

Muriel McClymont has been an NLP coach and trainer for 15 years, working largely with creative freelancers including actors, musicians, writers and journalists. The creative industries are places where setbacks and rejection are part of the day job. Much of her work and training programmes are based around resilience and confidence building.

Muriel has written a chapter on resilience in the PPD Learning Practice Group Book by Judith Lowe as well as contributing a section on Dealing with Rejection in the Surviving Actors Manual written by Felicity Jackson & Lianne Robertson.

Workshop with Judith Lowe - Essential Leadership Skills in a Changing World,Saturday 13th & Sunday 14th July 2019, Regents College, London. £325.00 plus VAT

This new and unique course is for professional coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers and anyone who is in a leadership role, personal or professional, which can deeply impact and influence others.

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