Richmond NLP Group

Check out your Inner Con-Artist’s Bag of Tricks

with Wendy Sullivan

Tuesday 18th June 2019


Are you entirely happy with your eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising, money spending, Instagram-checking and time with family/friends? And are you a stranger to procrastination?


No? Join the club! We all have contexts in which we set outcomes, but then we don’t do what we decided to do, so we give ourselves a stern talking-to and resolve to behave better next time – and then we repeat the pattern, over and over again.  How does it happen that we keep sabotaging our well-being like this? 


It’s surely down to our inner con-artists.  They want instant gratification, and to achieve it, they are world-class at ensuring we ignore whatever will help us achieve our outcome.  It’s a universal pattern, but everyone’s con-artist has their own unique skill set.


In this interactive session, we’ll explore your con-artist’s favourite strategies for mis-directing your attention, before considering how you could dodge the deception going forward. 

About Wendy Sullivan, an NLP trainer, coach and psychotherapist, has been a specialist trainer of Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling for over a decade.  Working internationally, she runs Clean Change Company, offering an extensive open training programme, and business services including training, consultancy and coaching, with Clean approaches and the use of metaphor being the common threads..  She is co-author of ‘Clean Language: Revealing Metaphors and Opening Minds’, and with Margaret Meyer and Paul Tosey is writing a further book 'Clean Language in Business: Practical Applications of Metaphor for Managers, Coaches and Trainers’.