Richmond NLP Group

Projective Coaching Techniques with Peter Freeth

16th April 2019


Have you ever struggled to get the whole picture from your coaching clients? Perhaps they have found it difficult to articulate what's really going on inside? Maybe you've thought that sometimes, trying to put abstract concepts into words can be a barrier in itself?


If only there was a way to look deep into your clients' minds without them having to describe everything in detail. If only there was a way for your clients to explore complex and emotional issues without having to relive old stories.


Well, there is. In fact, there are countless ways to do this, using a range of 'projective' coaching techniques. A projective technique is where we use an external canvas onto which the client can project a metaphor of what's going on for them, and together, the coach and client can interact with the metaphor to bring a rich, vivid new understanding of what's really happening, and what the client can do about it.


Rest assured, the output of these techniques is far from metaphorical, and it turns out that the client expresses their true hopes and fears, their true expectations and conflicts, in ways they hadn't imagined possible. In short, they are often astonished at just how many secrets they give away, to anyone who knows how to read the signs.


On April 16th, Peter Freeth will be sharing both the concept and examples of projective techniques, both artistic and physical, that you can use in a wide range of situations, from one to one coaching sessions through to corporate development events, to bring a new angle, and a new sense of magic, to your work. 


Some paper and coloured pens will be provided, but please do also bring along your own as the group sizes have been large for previous evenings with Peter and getting your hands on your favourite colours might not be guaranteed.

To support this session, Peter and I are looking to run a Projective Coaching Masterclass, here in London, later in the year - Watch this space!

Next Session Date: 14th May 2019 - N L Play, with Joanna Harper